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T10021A-100 Aperture Plate

The Aperture Plate is a useful product for those projects that do not require the other apertures (side and end "holes") found on ISO corner fittings or the "box structure" that may get in the way or are otherwise not needed.

The Aperture Plate is weldable and compatible with the large selection of connectors and twistlock devices found on this website that ordinarily fit into the same opening found in the corner fitting. Tandemloc can also design and build your special product incorporating this aperture plate. Just let us know what you need!


  • Materials: Low-carbon steel suitable for welding.
  • Finish: Self-colored.
  • Weight: 9.3 LB.
  • Locate connectors per "female fitting instructions" on Tandemloc Data Sheet DF-72047-16 (Sheet 2) for standard-sized structures.

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Tandemloc's Aperture Plate can be used with the following products

  • AD54000A - Twistlock Left Blocking
  • S38000B-1PA - Chassis Twistloc (Drop-In Type)
  • AE10000A-1GA - Double Cone Two Position Twistloc with "PRELOC" Feature
  • T12000D - The 3-in-1 Tiedown
  • N2501BA - Weldable Fastmount
  • T12000E - Screw-Down Twistlock
  • 806000N-U00 - Trailoc, Retractable Universal Type w/ Bent Handle
  • T42000C - Very Shallow Combo Twistloc & Tiedown Set
  • 806000T-100 - Screw-Down, Non-Retractable Trailoc, PLS-CHU Type w/ Bent Handle
  • K08A00A-1GA - Vertical Clamp Connector (VI-SO)
  • N31000A - Self Actuating Container Lift Spreaders
  • AA45000C-1PA - Load Leveling Spreader, 26,500 LB. WLL - 20 FT.
  • AE38000A-1PA - AUTOLOC® Spreader Sandbox Lifter
  • AC37000A-1PA - Forklift Spreader, 20', with 4 Leg Sling
  • Q0800AA-2PA - Forklift Spreader, 40', with 4 Leg Sling
  • AA45000B-1PA - Load Leveling 20' Spreader, Low Profile
  • 20901AA-1PA - Top Lift Lug Assembly (Vertical Lift)
  • AA45000A-2PA - Load Leveling 40' Spreader, Low Profile
  • 20901AA-4PA - Flex Link Top Lift Lug Assembly (for empty containers only)