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AA45000C-1PA Load Leveling Container Spreader

Load Leveling 20' Container Spreader

The AA45000C-1PA leveling spreader is designed for standard 20’ ISO shipping containers with ISO 1161 corner fittings. Its compact design makes it well-suited for both forklifts and smaller cranes in limited workspaces. 

Load leveling functionality sets our container spreader apart from other standard spreaders. This feature allows for precise load balancing during lifting and transportation, minimizing stress and potential damage to the container and surrounding structures. It’s proof-tested to 125% of its rated capacity (33,125 lbs.) to ensure safety and reliability even in demanding situations. Tailor the leveling spreader to your specific needs with options for different load capacities and sizes.

Our container spreader is sandblasted, primed, and painted in a safety yellow finish that provides superior corrosion resistance and high visibility in various environments. It’s ideal for lifting and transporting heavy or unbalanced containers and precise positioning of containers in tight spaces. The AA450000C-1PA is a popular choice for industries such as construction, maritime shipping, and heavy equipment handling. 

  • PROOF TESTED to 125% (33,125 LB) and certified.
  • FINISH: Sandblast, prime and paint safety yellow.
  • STANDARDS: Specification #EAD21000A applies. Designed and manufactured to meet or exceed ASME B30.20.
  • CUSTOM OPTIONS: Lifter can be customized for your application, inquire for other load capacities or sizes.

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Type Load Leveling
WLL 26,500 LBS
Top Rigging Included No
Spreader Length 20 ft