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AN17A model Skid & Pallet Lifter

Tandemloc offers several pallet lifters that meet current ASME standards and come in different styles and weight options. The AN17A model is our lightweight pallet lifter, with load capacity options from 2,000 to 6,000 pounds, and featuring dual lift points to provide balance with or without a load. The AN17W is a similar model, but this skid lifter includes wheels so that it can be easily moved from location to location. The AN18A model is our standard pallet lifter with a counterweight that keeps everything level with or without a loaded skid. Don’t see the exact load capacity or dimensions that you need? No problem. Tandemloc will work with you to customize a pallet lifter that will fit your application.

AN18A Standard Fixed Fork Pallet Lifters

We offer several capacities and three styles; Lightweight Pallet Lifters, Wheeled Lightweight Pallet Lifters, and Standard Pallet Lifters w/ Counterweight.