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ISO Container Leveling Legs


Tandemloc's ISO Container Leveling Legs are designed for applications where ISO containers need to sit level on uneven surfaces. The horizontal clamp connector is perhaps the biggest benefit of these leveling legs. It allows for a rigid connection between the leveling legs and container and can be used in the bottom side and front holes. The use of the ISO leveling legs is very simple: when the container is lifted into the air by either a crane or forklift, the clamp arm on the connector is inserted into the ISO corner fitting. Once the clamp arm is inserted, the drive stud is tightened providing a rigid connection, and repeated for all four corners.  

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Max Height

Min Height

L09A00A-2PG Container Leveling Leg

Min Height: .88 inches
Max Height: 12.88 inches
In Stock: No

L09A00A-3PG Container Leveling Leg

Min Height: .88 inches
Max Height: 25.12 inches
In Stock: No