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T12000D 3-in-1 Tiedown

The 3-in-1 Tiedown incorporates two Tiedowns per MIL STD 209 and one Twistlock per ISO 3874 all in one weldable housing.

Excellent choice for flatbeds. Built to last with hot dipped galvanized parts. Used on Military truck beds to secure general cargo and containers. Also available in a very shallow design. Hot Dip Galvanized! All parts are hot dip galvanized and the tiedown rings are additionally coated with black Dacrocoat to reduce visibility during conflict while providing superior corrosion resistance.

  • STANDARDS: Meets MIL STD 209. Twistlock meets ISO 3874.
  • Locate connectors per "male fitting instructions" on Tandemloc Data Sheet DF-72047-16 (Sheet 2) for standard sized structures.

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T12000D in Use - See Product PDF for larger version

1 1 T12100C-1GW Combo Body Cast, Galv, Ground 7.45 LB.
2 1 S33002A-MGB Swivel Retainer, Galv./Black T-CT 1.63 LB.
3 1 S33003A-1GB Tiedown Clevis, Galv./Black T-CT 1.13 LB.
4 1 S33004A-3DL Hinge Pin, Dacromet/Black T-CT 0.204 LB.
5 1 SCP0005XXXX0075 Cott Pin Cres For .062 Hole X .75 LG. 0.007 LB.
6 1 DHB005013000350 Hex Bolt Gr 8 Stl Dacromet/Black 0.225 LB.
7 2 BLS005013000044 2 Way Lknut, Stl Dacromet T-CT 0.086 LB.
8 1 T12150C-1GB Clevis Link, Stl, Galv./Black T-CT 0.400 LB.
9 1 T12175C-1GB Mid Link, Stl, Galv./Black T-CT 0.227 LB.
10 1 DHB005013000225 Hex Bolt Gr 8 Stl, Dacromet Black 0.015 LB.
11 1 T12125C-1GB Tiedown Ring Outer, Galv./Black T-CT 1.42 LB.

To facilitate assembly into the T120100C-1GW body which is first welded into a chassis deck, the internal screw down Twistlock is shipped as sub assemblies and loose parts. Sub assemblies are defined with component PC Nos marked "a", while loose part PC Nos. are marked "u" in the list of materials

PC 10 & 17 are set screws which make assems. R/H or L/H, along with the PC 5L, 5R, 6L, & 6R components. The set screws are screwed in to project about .13 " inside the shaft recess of PC 1, allowing free 90° rotation of of the shaft between stops when set screws are adjusted properly. Lock set screws thread with PC 15 thread lock.