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Container Lifting Lugs


Tandemloc's container lifting lugs have a variety of different uses and applications. Our lugs are made with the toughest metal in the industry, are of the highest quality container lugs, and are built to last. Below, you can click on "view product" for more details, specifications, and videos of each individual lug. 

We guarantee our products will get the job done. 

20901AA Series Lifting Lug

WLL: 25,000 LBS
Description: Lift Lug Designed for Vertical Lifting from the Top Corner Fitting of ISO Containers
In Stock: Yes

416000C-LSTZW Replacement Rotary Lug

Replacement Rotary Lug with Securing Feature

WLL: 33,600 LBS
In Stock: Yes

AN21A00-00A-PA Heavy Duty Replacement Rotary Lift Lug

Rotary Lug with Safety Lock

WLL: 29,000 LB. @ 10:1 TO ULTIMATE, 6:1 TO YIELD 58,000 LB. @ 5:1 TO ULTIMATE, 3:1 TO YIELD
Description: Tandemloc's Heavy Duty Replacement Rotary Lift Lug Designed to Connect Lift Slings to Side Apertures on ISO 668 Container Bottom Corner Fittings
In Stock: No

90401BA Series Height Extenders

Corner Fitting Height Extenders

WLL: 15,000 LBS
Description: Height Extenders "extend" the height of the corner fitting compensating for projections above the container corner
In Stock: No