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“These are the best things ever. The best was when I needed a 30’ spreader and used two 15’ pipes with the two ends and a pipe sleeve. Didn’t know how I was going to make and haul a spreader that large. Easy assembly also.”

-Tim H., Plumbing and Mechanical Company

“On my last project I utilized Tandemloc's Steel End Cap Assemblies to pull off 15 point module lifts. Without the lift beams ability to be built to custom lengths we would have never been able to pull off these lifts efficiently. Throughout our engineering/planning phase Tandemloc staff was a great help in answering to the beams abilities. Tandemloc has earned my trust and I will continue to lean on them for future rigging needs.”

-Garret H., Crane and Rigging Company

“The best part? How fast we were able to get these lifting beams! What sold us on the product was how fast we could get our hands on them, and then fell in love with the finish and operation of them. Versatile and strong! I'll be coming back for future needs!”


“Always great service. From the first email to receiving product you can count on Tandemloc”

-A Defense Contractor

“I love the ease of assembly and ability to make any length with the AC25C end cap Tandemloc system.”

-Industrial Service Company

“TANDEMLOC is the industry standard. Consistent quality and engineering that I have been able to rely on.” 

-Construction Company

“Been using Tandemloc for about 15 years now. Always answers any needs or questions very quickly. Their spreaders are top notch.” 

-General Contracting Company

“We needed a short spreader beam to lift some very heavy equipment. The Tandemloc Spreader Bar End Cap Assembly was exactly what we needed. It gave us the flexibility to have the same exact lengths we required and capacity was well beyond our other option. Thank you Tandemloc!”

-John H., Mechanical Contracting Company

“We use your 8in end caps all the time for lifts. A lot of the lifting lugs we attach to are rated for "vertical load only," so the ability to custom cut a spreader to a specific length here at the jobsite is a must. They are light weight and really come in handy. Thank you for such a great product!” 

-A Rigging Engineer at a Nuclear Power Plant