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Beam Clamps

Beam clamps, sometimes called I-beam clamps, are a popular device for lifting heavy loads and provide a versatile connection to steel beams that contain an I-, HP-, W-, M-, or S-shaped cross section. Because they provide a dedicated lifting point, beam clamps are often used in place of slings or straps to lift heavy beams. When sharp edges or limited access hamper the ability of slings and hoists, beam clamps are a great solution.

To use beam clamps, you must first select an appropriate connection point. Look for a flange that is compatible with the clamp, attach, and lift. Beams must be within the flange range and WLL of the selected size of the beam clamp.

I-beam clamps are most commonly used for general lifting, but may also be utilized for other applications, including as a structural fixed point for hanging manual and powered hoists.

Tandemloc carries several different sizes of beam clamps; four are stocked items, and two more are designed for heavier loads and can be specially ordered. Each beam clamp is designed to the most stringent requirements: ASME B30.20 and its design document BTH-1. A mechanical position lock is standard on each beam clamp for added safety when in the closed position.

Every Tandemloc beam clamp is proof-tested up to 125% of the WLL per ASME B30.20 specifications. They range in minimum and maximum flange width from 3.75 to 9 inches to 4.5 to 12.5 inches.