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Q0800AA-2PA Forklift Container Spreader Frame

40' Forklift Container Spreader

The Q0800AA-2PA container spreader stands out for its ability to work with both forklifts and cranes, offering adaptability to various lifting scenarios. This eliminates the need for separate lifters, streamlining operations and potentially saving costs. Our spreader frame is designed for standard 20’ ISO shipping containers with ISO 1161 corner fittings, catering to a wide range of applications. 

Proof-tested to 125% of its capacity (84,000 lbs) in both modes ensures safety and reliability even under demanding conditions. The photo shows the 20’ version spreader lifted by the sling while the drawing below shows the spreader without the sling. For Standard 20' ISO freight containers with ISO 1161 corner fittings.

The sandblasted, primed, and painted safety yellow finish provides superior corrosion resistance and high visibility for safe operation. This container spreader is ideally suited for situations requiring flexibility in lifting equipment (forklift or crane) and applications where frequent switching between lifting modes is necessary. It’s a popular choice for ports, warehouses, and construction sites. 

NOTE: Four Legged Wire Rope Sling is purchased separately for crane lifting applications. This ensures proper compatibility and capacity for your intended load

  • PROOF TESTED: to 125% (84,000 LB) and Certified
  • FINISH: Sandblast, prime and paint safety yellow.
  • STANDARDS: Specification #EAD21000A applies.
  • CUSTOM OPTIONS: Lifter can be customized for your application, inquire for other load capacities or sizes.

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Type Forklift
WLL 67,200 LBS
Top Rigging Included Yes
Spreader Length 40 ft