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N2501BA Series-Standard Fastmounts

Weldable Fastmount

This twistlock may welded to the customer's surface or may be purchased welded to a variety of base plates which can have mounting holes for bolt on connection.

The Fastmount fits standard ISO corner fittings and offers a typical loose fit lock, allowing for accumulating tolerances between container, corner fitting and the Fastmount. For slack-free fit, try the Vertical VISO's, #K08A00A-1GA. The Fastmount may be used on ship decks or trailers to secure containers.

  • MATERIAL: Steel, paint primer coat
  • Strength ratings at yield point:
    Upward Restraint - 51,000 LB. (Tensile)
    Compression - 201,000 LB. (On Body)
    Transverse Shear - 76,000 LB.
    Longitudinal Shear - 40,000 LB.
  • CAUTION: Not for attaching caster wheels to containers. Use N25000C-2GA caster locks which have tightening features.
  • Cast housing material is equal to ASTM A27 GR. 70-40. If GMAW welding to ASTM A36 steel, Lincoln filler wire MC-710XL with shielding gas as required by AWS classification may be used. Also see detail W1 & W2.
Product Notes
  • Straight & Bent Handle models available
  • Allowable Loading means the maximum rated loading that can be applied to this product in the direction described without causing practical, useful life reduction.
  • Locate connectors per "male fitting instructions" on Tandemloc Data Sheet DF-72047-16 (Sheet 2) for standard sized structures.
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Model Description In Stock Price* Buy Online
N2501BA-1PA Standard Fastmount Fastmount - No Plate - Wt: 13.9 Lbs. Yes
N2501BA-2PA Standard Fastmount Fastmount - w/ 10" Baseplate - No Holes - Wt: 28.3 Lbs. Yes
N2501BA-3PA Standard Fastmount Fastmount - w/ 12" Baseplate - w/ Holes - Wt: 32.8 Lbs Yes
N2501BA-4PA Standard Fastmount Fastmount - w/ 10" Baseplate - w/ Holes - Wt: 27.6 Lbs. Yes