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Spreader Beams


Tandemloc offers both fixed spreader beams and adjustable spreader beams to fit a wide variety of applications. The AT14 series includes adjustable spreader beams that come in a wide variety of minimum and maximum lengths in convenient increments of just a few inches. The beams also come in a wide range of working load limits, from 2,000 pounds all the way up to 100,000 pounds. Our fixed length spreader beams can accommodate the same variety of load capacities and can be built to cover any spread up to 480 inches (40 feet).

AT14 Series Spreader Beams

Type: Telescopic with or without Sling
In Stock:
WLL Range: 2,000 - 100,000 LBS
Min Extension Range: Varies
Max Extension Range: Varies
In Stock: Yes
In Stock: No

Fixed Length Spreader Beams

In Stock: Yes - Shipped in 5-7 days
Type: Fixed
WLL: 0 to 100,000lbs
Max Spread: 480 inches