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N3100 Fixed Autoloc® Container Lift Frame

Self-Actuating Container Lift Spreaders

The TANDEMLOC Autoloc® Spreader makes container lifting simple.

Easy operation lets you get the job done, saving you time and money. Superior convenience and operation make it plain to see that the Autoloc® is the choice for your container lifting applications. Also available in a 24' Model.

  • WORKLOAD LIMIT (WLL): See chart below.
  • PROOF TESTED: 125% of WLL, w/proof test certificate.
  • CALCULATED WEIGHT: See chart below.
  • FINISH: Sandblast, prime and paint safety yellow.
  • OPERATION: Simple mechanical operation - no electronics or hydraulics. Twistlocks lock/unlock when sling wires are slackened. More convenient to use than manual spreaders - no ground personnel required to lock/unlock twist locks. 4 leg wire rope sling standard.
  • Wire rope rigging has a "Flemish Eye" style termination point, which has been found to be most reliable and recommended by FEMA over any other style termination point. Built-in "Indicator Flags" allow the crane operator to easily locate the spreader onto the waiting container. And our ratchet-style gearbox provides the user with operational confidence as it has been field-proven since 1993.
  • CUSTOM OPTIONS: Lifter can be customized for your application, inquire for other load capacities or sizes.
  • Click here for Lift Beam that turns your Autoloc into a Non-Containerized Cargo Lifter.
  • Emergency Gear Attachment.
  • Download PDF maintenance manual shipped with the spreader.

Details of the AUTOLOC®

Autoloc® Spreaders have 4 twist-lock bayonets which are simultaneously actuated by the slackening of the 4-legged slings from a fully tensioned position. The bayonets twist approximately 90 degrees each time the 4 legged sling assembly is fully slackened and alternates between the lock and unlock.

The small diameter cable links the Autoloc® arm located near the center of the spreader to the master link. (This cable does not carry any of the lift load) The Autoloc® system linkage operates the bayonets each time the sling is slackened.

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Model Additional Details Width Length WLL Weight (lbs.) Height Above Container In Stock Price* Buy Online
N31000C-1PA Fixed Autoloc® Container Spreader Frame
8 ft 20 ft 70,000 LBS 3,730 11 ft 5 inch No --
N3100AA-2PA Fixed Autoloc® Container Spreader Frame
8 ft 40 ft 67,200 LBS 4,975 21 ft 5 inch No --

20' AUTOLOC Spreader (N31000C-1PA)

40' AUTOLOC Spreader (N3100AA-2PA)

Lift and Spot Spreader

1. Lift and Spot Spreader

Lift and Spot Spreader

2. Spreader has landed on container.  Bayonets are inserted into each of the four (4) corner fittings.

Lift and Spot Spreader

3. Slacken crane wire until red flags turn 90 degree. When indicator flags turn, bayonets turn.

Lift and Spot Spreader

4. Hoist crane wire. Be sure all personnel are clear before lifting.

Lift and Spot Spreader

5. Lift container. To disengage Autoloc® simply repeat  steps 3 & 4.