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S38000B-1PA Twistloc

Chassis Twistlock (Drop-In Type)

Straight Handle Models

This very inexpensive and lightweight Twistlock is easy to install and remains raised, ready for use. Fits ISO corner fittings and is weldable. Best suited for non retractable chassis use. Drop in style means; drill the correct size hole in your structure and drop the body in and weld. This is a crisp, simple and inexpensive Twistloc. We can make this in a screw down style which will clamp to the corner fitting.

  • MATERIAL: High quality, all steel construction. Painted
  • STRENGTH: 1.5 safety factor to ultimate.
    Upward Restraint - 29,000 lb.
    Horizontal Shear - 25,000 lb (w/ 1/4" fillet weld).
    Based on supporting structure with sufficient strength to support the rated loads.
  • Locate connectors per "male fitting instructions" on Tandemloc Data Sheet DF-72047-16 (Sheet 2) for standard sized structures.


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