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243000C Series Corner Fittings

Our carbon steel corner fittings meet ISO 1161 and are ABS certified.

Available Fittings:

  • Top Right
  • Top Left
  • Bottom Right
  • Bottom Left

These are the fittings found on all ISO type of containers used for intermodal shipping. They are designed to accept a variety of Tandemloc products. They are fitting to lift from or tiedown from.


  • Material: Low-carbon steel for welding
  • Corner conforms to ISO 1161. Consult TANDEMLOC for details.
  • American Bureau of Shipping Certification is available.
  • Locate connectors per "female fitting instructions" on Tandemloc Data Sheet DF-72047-16 (Sheet 2) for standard-sized structures.

Product Notes

Tandemloc's Engineering Department's Statement Regarding ISO-1161 Corner Fitting WLL

An ISO 1161 Corner Fitting’s WLL is dependent upon how it is held in place, how it is loaded, and the physical size (bearing area) of the components used to engage the corner fittings. Each of these will have possibly dramatic impacts on how the corner fitting will respond under a given load. As an ISO-sanctioned design, Tandemloc may only provide customers the physical dimensions and minimum material properties of the corner fittings. Armed with this information, end users can employ engineers of their choosing to determine the strength (WLL) of the corner fittings in their given custom applications (i.e. applications used outside of the ISO 1161 corner fittings’ original design intent). The physical dimensions are per the sales drawings found on our website and mirror ISO-1161 requirements.

Minimal Material Properties

  • Minimum tensile strength: 70,000 psi or 482 N/mm^2
  • Minimum yield strength: 40,000 psi or 276 N/mm^2
  • Minimum elongation %: 23%

If you need do not need the whole corner, we also have aperture plates which can be welded to your application.

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Model Additional Details Description Weight (lbs.) Conforms To A B In Stock Price* Buy Online
243000C-TR Corner Fittings
Corner, Top Right 25 ISO 1161, ABS Certified 7.01+.01 - .03 6.38(+/-).02 Yes --
243000C-TL Corner Fittings
Corner, Top Left 25 ISO 1161, ABS Certified 7.01+.01 - .03 6.38(+/-).02 Yes --
243000C-BR Corner Fittings
Corner, Bottom Right 25 ISO 1161, ABS Certified 7.01+.01 - .03 6.38(+/-).02 Yes --
243000C-BL Corner Fittings
Corner, Bottom Left 25 ISO 1161, ABS Certified 7.01+.01 - .03 6.38(+/-).02 Yes --





Material is Low Carbon Steel for Welding. Country of origin is China.

To avoid corrosion during shipment, the parts are coated with an epoxy containing zinc powder. As always, effective ventilation is required during grinding or welding to prevent the breathing of fumes by personnel.

There are 8 corner fittings used to build a standard container, 2 top right, 2 top left, 2 bottom right and two bottom left. They are sold individually. Chemical and physical test reports and ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) certificates are available upon request (Steel Corners Only).