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AD54000A-1GA Shipping Container Lock

This device is commonly used to stack and lock ISO container locks. The "double cone" Twistloc has been a staple in the maritime intermodal business for decades. Tandemloc is one of the top shipping container twist lock suppliers in the industry.

Twistloc Features

  • Lightweight
  • High-quality all-steel construction
  • Finish: Hot-dip galvanized
  • Calculated Weight: 11.7 LB
  • Break load: Tension 50 Tons, Shear 40 Tons

Twistlocs Have 3 Positions

  • All the way to the right enables the product to be locked into the bottom corner fitting and yet the top cone is ready to insert into the container being loaded on it.
  • Mid position enables it to be removed from the corner.
  • Full left locks upper and lower containers to it.

Due to the high-quality steel construction, the Twistloc provides exceptional stability when stacking and locking ISO shipping containers. The manual twist lock mechanism allows you to secure the freight containers without the worry of detaching them. Trust a team that's been at the top of the twist lock and freight container maneuvering industries.

With our right-to-left locking container lock, you can see the difference between the three positions with the final, full left position locking both containers into place and creating firm stability between them.

This simple, user-friendly design makes for quick installation while still offering secure freight container stacking. Improve your freight operation by relying on Tandemloc's shipping container locks to stack and stabilize your containers.


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