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Paint Process

Tandemloc, Inc. designs its products to function in some of the harshest operating environments in the world, which is why we take our product’s finish very seriously. Every below-the-hook lifter Tandemloc manufactures is blasted with medium grit aluminum oxide, painted with two-part epoxy marine grade primer, and finished with two-part epoxy high gloss topcoat paint. This standard high gloss finish serves as an excellent deterrent against corrosion in those environments where Tandemloc products are most often used.

Paint Coatings
Paint Process

Our marine-grade equipment, including products like our Tandemloc Autoloc® spreaders, receive an additional protective layer after being media blasted. These products are given a thermal zinc coating through a metalizing process that atomically bonds the corrosion-resistant zinc particles to the white-blasted steel surface. These thermal zinced products are then primed and painted as described above, giving them an added layer of protection with the same high gloss shine.

This is one of the many features of what we call the “Tandemloc difference” adding value and longevity to your purchase. To learn more about our Paint Process, check out the video below. 

Tandemloc offers finishing service as part of our Job Shop Services. Contact us if you would like to learn more about our capabilities for your application.