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AC22T Series Telescopic Spreader Pipe Kits for End Caps

Steel Spreader Beam Assemblies using End Caps and cut to length pipe is a quick way to get you the Spreader Beam you need at the exact length you want. Our Telescopic Pipe Kits add more versatility to the system as you can now make quick incremental field changes without changing pipe! The advantage with ours over modular designs are fine adjustment increments as low as 6 inches and once again, no bolts and nuts to mess with or lose. Simply unpin, adjust to the length you need and re-pin and you are ready to lift. Time is money! There are Telescopic Pipe Kits available for all End Cap sizes. Consult the chart below for a quick summary with links to the drawing for more details.

Check out our new video under the video tab! We put our End Cap System to the test and found out just how much faster our telescopic design is to assemble compared to the competitions' modular design!

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Note: select Telescopic Pipe Kits do not have the same WLL for all increments. Please review End Cap App for exact WLL at specific increments.

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Please inform your salesperson if your lifter is to be used in an underwater environment.

WLL Range Up to 100,00 LBS