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AJ12A00 Series D-Ring with Weldable Strap

"D-Ring and Strap" tie-downs are an inexpensive, rugged product used on a multitude of cargo transporters, from 1,000-foot ships to simple utility trailers.

D-Rings from Tandemloc are forged alloy steel with low-carbon steel straps for excellent weldability. We recommend wrapping the welds around the edge of the straps and avoiding heating the D-Ring over 500° F (to prevent downgrading the material strength properties of the alloy steel).

Please note that the strength ratings expressed are "ultimate" loads or "Breaking Loads" and not "working loads." The strength is based on a single vertical pull, although most applications will result in the load direction being at an angle or a compound angle.

Consider the angle(s) of pull you will encounter with your application as it increases the strain on the tie down at any given weight load.

  • Material:
    D-RING: Heat-treated alloy steel
    STRAP: Low carbon steel

Product Notes

  • For lifting purposes, where a 3:1 safety factor to yield is required, the WLL (workload limit) is 1/3 of the max. Load without yield. When proof testing is required, the proof test is two x the WLL. Lifting D-ring and straps are by request only and have an additional cost.
  • For lower-strength stainless steel D-Ring and Straps, see AJ10A00-DS07.
  • D-rings and straps are self-colored or primer-painted and bulk-packed. D-rings and straps have temporary corrosion resistance; however, minimal rust spotting from bulk packaging should be expected due to abrasion.
  • Parts that are blasted and sprayed with a rust inhibitor have a -BRI after the part number.
  • D26 and D110 are MIL Standard 209 Compliance.
  • PLEASE NOTE: D-Rings and Straps are ONLY sold together and these items may NOT be purchased individually.
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Model Additional Details Max. Load Without Yield Straight Tension(lbs) Average Ultimate Strength(lbs) D-Ring Weight(lbs) Strap Weight(lbs) A B C D E F G H J K In Stock Price* Buy Online
AJ12A00-DS26 D-Ring with Weldable Strap 17,700 26,500 1.5 .76 4.59 inches 5 inches 3.09 inches 2.88 inches 1.65 inches .75 inches 1.31 inches 3.50 inches 3 inches .38 inches Yes
AJ12A00-DS79 D-Ring with Weldable Strap 47,400 79,000 4.2 2.3 7.95 inches 5 inches 5.13 inches 4.75 inches 2.31 inches .94 inches 1.65 inches 3.12 inches 2.56 inches .45 inches Yes
AJ12A00-DS110 D-Ring with Weldable Strap 66,000 110,000 5.7 3.8 9.21 inches 5.55 inches 5.62 inches 5.13 inches 2.50 inches 1 inches 1.94 inches 3.55 inches 2.81 inches .60 inches Yes