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S33000E Series Raised Swivel Tiedown Ring

The S33000E series tiedown conforms to Mil Std 209.

This style is very similar to the S33000A series except that it incorporates a low profile, fully weldable, compact housing that can be surface mounted or flush mounted. (the S33000A series is only for flush-mounted applications.) It could be welded to bolt-on plates for applications where removability is needed. It rotates 360° about the vertical plane and 150° horizontal. It will swivel and swing to the load plane within these angles. The tiedown ring will work with hooks or you can lash flat bands to the ring's cross bar.

  • Meets MIL STD 209 - Class 4
  • LOAD CAPACITY: 10,000 Lbs. (Single Tension)
  • Safety Factor to Ultimate Strength is 1.5 Min.
    -A00: 3.33 LB.,
    Others: 4.00 LB.
    "W" Parts: 3.9 LB.
  • Tiedown conforms to MIL STD 209.

Product Notes

This tiedown rotates 360° about its vertical axis and a min of 150° about its horizontal axis. It is designed to swivel & swing to the tension load plane of the tiedown within those angles.

ASSEMBLY: After installing the housing (PC1), assemble PC 2 through 5 into the configuration shown above. (NOTE: To insert pin (PC 4), rotate PC 2 for proper clearance).

P/N S33000E-C00 & -C01: For ease of installation, components are shipped unassembled. (S33000E-100 is shipped assembled.)

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Model Additional Details Description In Stock Price* Buy Online
Tiedown assembly, self colored. Yes --
Tiedown Kit, 1 set of loose components all self colored. Yes --
Tiedown Kit, 1 set of loose components w/ self-colored housing & galvanized/Dacrokote components. Yes --
Tiedown assembly with aluminum (6061-T6) housing & black Dacrokote steel components Yes --

-100, -100W
-100, -100W
-C00, -C00W
1 - 1 1 1 S33001E-100 Swivel Housing, Self Colored for Assemblies w/o Suffix "W".
S33001E-C00 Swivel Housing w/ Drainage Slots, Self Colored for Suffix "W" Assembly
2 - 1 1 - S33002A-100 Swivel Retainer, Self Colored
3 - 1 1 - S33003A-100 Tiedown Clevis, Self Colored
4 - 1 1 - S33004A-300 Hinge Pin, Steel Self Colored
5 1 1 1 1 SCP0005XXXX0075 Cotter Pin, Stainless Steel
2 1 - - 1 S33002A-MGB Swivel Retainer, Galv/Black Dacrokote
3 1 - - 1 S33003A-1GB Tiedown Clevis, Galv./Black Dacrokote
4 1 - - 1 S33004A-3DL Hinge Pin, Steel Dacromet/Dacrokote Black
1 1 - - - S33001E-A00 Swivel Housing, 6061-T6 Aluminum