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R13000B-1PA Lunette Ring Towbar

The R13000B-1PA towbar is specifically designed for trailers with lunette rings instead of twistlocks. It connects to the trailer using two pintle hooks that fit rings from 2” to 3” in diameter and up to 1.625” in section thickness. 

The towbar is made from high-strength steel and is sandblasted and primed for added durability and corrosion resistance. The pintle hooks come with safety locks and lanyards to prevent accidental disengagement. The R13000B-1PA folds for storage and transport and has integrated casters for easy maneuvering on the ground. This towbar can be customized with features to meet your specific needs. 

With a maximum trailer weight of 30,000 lbs at a 30-degree incline, this towbar is suitable for heavy-duty towing applications in various industries, including construction, transportation, and logistics. Tandemloc offers a variety of accessories for towbars, such as safety chains, flags, and lighting kits, to expand their versatility.

  • Max. Trailer Weight: 30,000 LB. at 30° incline.
  • FINISH: Sandblast and prime.
  • Pintle hooks for rings from 2" to 3" I.D. and up to 1.625" diameter section.

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