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Q2500AA-299 Load Leveling Bottom Lift Load Sling for 20' ISO Containers

20 Ft. Container, Low Profile Bottom Lift Load Sling

These economical load sling assemblies allow the user to lift from the bottom corner fittings and adjust for off-center loads in both longitudinal and transverse directions. They are compact and easy to store and ship.

  • PROOF TESTED: Beam - Proof tested to 125% of workload limit. Chain and fittings - Tested to 200% of their rated WLL.
  • WEIGHT: 1,223 LB., 1,409 LB. with PC 9
  • STANDARDS: Specification #EAD21000A applies.
  • MATERIAL AND FINISH: Steel with safety yellow paint. Chain & connector link pins/spacers are not painted.

Product Notes

INSTRUCTIONS: For load leveling, adjust the length of the chain legs to shorten the heavy end and lengthen the legs on the light end. Always leave slack in chain length that ends up between the two PC4 hooks to allow the two hooks to swing to their natural use angle. Adjust side-to-side leveling by moving PC7 toward the heavy side.

  • The containers noted in this drawing are typical ISO freight containers as described in ISO 668:1988(e) designation.
  • 1AAA, 1AA, 1A, 1AX - All "40 Ft." containers
  • 1CC, 1C, 1CX - all "20 Ft." containers (19'-10' ½")
  • This sling can also lift 1BB, 1B, 1BX "30 Ft." containers (29'-11 1/4") & 1D & 1DX "10 Ft." containers (9'-9 3/4") at their max load rating.
    • Load leveling of this sling is accomplished by manually moving the top shackle; ie, by placing its bolt into one of the 13 holes provided for transverse leveling and by adjusting the chain leg lengths to level longitudinally. Keep the chain lengths matched on each side. The chain is color marked at the center and every 10 links have four places on each side of the center.
    • This sling assembly conforms to ANSI B30.9-1996, ANSI B30.19-199, B30.20 & I.S.O. 3874 Fgt. Cont. Handling.
    • All dimensions are subject to manufacturing tolerances.
    • PC 9 is the metal shipping container provided with each sling assembly.

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WLL 67,200 LBS

2 1 Large Shackle, w/ Bolt, Nut, Cotter, Galv.
3 Q2505AA-2PA Liftbeam Assembly, Painted
4 GR80 Stl Chain, Cut 350" & MKD
5 4 Chain Shortener, Galv.
6 Alloy chain connector, painted
7 4 Small Shackle w/ Bolt, Nut, Cotter, Galv.
8 4 416000B-LTZ Rotary Lift Lug, T. Zinc Coated
9 1 Q2500AA-B1 Metal Shipping Container