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K08A00B-1GA Double Vertical Clamp Connector (VI-SO)

The Double Vertical VISO Clamp Connector creates a rigid connection between corner fitting and connector in ISO Container stacking applications such as mobile container shelters, modular container homes or offices, and military/civilian container training units.

The VISO fits the ISO 1161 Corner Fitting’s large aperture hole and incorporates a clamping action that removes any slack between the corner fitting and the body of the connector. Use whenever a slack free connection is preferred.

  • The grip and force exerted by the clamp arm is variable by rotating the drive stud. Max. load on the hex drive is 50 ft/lb.
  • Ultimate load for one VI-SO (No Safety Factor)
    • 44,000 Lbs. - Restraint against upward force
    • 50,000 Lbs. - Traverse shear
    • 200,000 Lbs. - Compression
  • Calculated Weight: 39 LB.
Product Notes
  • If using as a lifting product, proof testing is required.
    WLL 15,000 LB. Design Category A
    WLL 10,000 LB. Design Category B
  • Two grease fittings per VISO allow for easy lubrication. Recommended grease: Red Lithium High Temperature.
  • Dimensions without tolerance are subject to manufacturing tolerances.
  • For a slack free connection in the large aperature of an ISO 1161 standard corner fitting.

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