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K08A00A-1AN-Series Aluminum Vertical Clamp Connector (VI-SO)

The Aluminum Vertical VISO Clamp Connector has a bolt-on base.

The VISO fits the ISO 1161 Corner Fitting’s large aperture hole and incorporates a clamping action that removes any slack between the corner fitting and the body of the connector. Use whenever a slack free connection is preferred.

  • The grip and force exerted by the clamp arm (Piece 20) is variable by rotating the drive stud (Piece 30) Max load on the hex drive is 50 ft/lb.
    Maximum allowable load for one VI-SO
    • 44,000 Lbs. - Restraint against upward force
    • 36,252 Lbs. - Traverse shear
    • 200,000 Lbs. - Compression
  • Two grease fittings allow for easy lubrication.
  • Dimensions without tolerance are subject to manufacturing tolerances.
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Model Additional Details Description In Stock Price* Buy Online
VISO Connector: 9 LB. Yes --
With Rubber Pads: 9.1 LB. No --
With Mounting Hardware: 10.2 LB. No --
With Rubber Pads and Mounting Hardware: 10.3 LB. No --

Clamp Connector Drawing

Piece #QuantityDescription
10 1 Body, Machined Aluminum
20 1 Clamp Arm, Galvanized
30 1 Drive Stud, Zinc Plated
40 1 Hinge Pin, Zinc Plated
50 4 Screw Mounting, Zinc Plated
60 4 Nut, Mounting, Zinc Plated
70 2 Pad, Rubber

Use - for a slack-free, clamp-down connection of each corner of an ISO 668 type container to a deck or other structure, lower the container so that the open connector enters the large bottom aperture of each ISO 1161 standard corner fitting. The clamp arm bears down on the inside of the bottom wall when the drive stud is screwed in.

Use cap screws and lock nuts to assemble the connector to a suitable receiving structure. Locate connectors per "male fitting instructions" on Tandemloc Data Sheet DF-72047-16 (Sheet 2) for standard sized structures. For non-standard sizes use the principles implied on this sheet to determine your location.

The VI-SO is to be bolted to the desired structure using four 7/16" SAE Grade 8 steel cap screws. Special flat head cap screws and locknuts are available with hex socket and slotted end. This permits the cap screw to be held from the threaded end while turning the lock nut (useful when the head end is not accessible).

To secure an ISO container or similar structure first open the connector fully by turning the drive stud counterclockwise until it is within (Sheet 1) dimension. Lower container so that the upward projecting portions of the connector enter the large apertures in the bases of the corner fittings. Turn the drive stud clockwise to secure. 50 FT/LB. of torque in the drive stud when metal to metal contact is achieved is recommended. Excessive torque pre-loads the clamp arm, resulting in a reduction of its maximum strength.