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S33000A Flush Tiedown Ring

The S33000A series tiedown conforms to Mil Std 209K.

This style incorporates a fully weldable housing that can be flush mounted rather than surface mounted like its sister tiedown, the S33000E series. It rotates 360 degrees about the vertical plane and 150 degrees horizontally. It will swivel and swing to the load plane within these angles. The tiedown ring will work with hooks or you can lash flat bands to the ring's crossbar. See our Large Cargo Tiedown Provision for greater load capacity.

  • Meets MIL-STD 209K - Class 4
  • LOAD CAPACITY: 10,000 Lbs. (Single Tension, without yield)
  • Safety Factor to Ultimate Strength (15,000 LB) is 1.5 Min.
  • WEIGHT: 6.37 Lbs.
  • Tiedown conforms to CLASS 4, MIL-STD 209K & Cargo Bed Tiedown provision MIL-STD 209K.

Product Notes

  • This tiedown rotates 360° about its vertical axis and a min of 150° about its horizontal axis. It is designed to swivel & swing to the tension load plane of the tiedown within those angles.
  • ASSEMBLY: After installing the housing (PC1), assemble PCs 2 to 5 into the configuration shown above. (NOTE: To insert PC 4 pins, rotate PC 2 for proper clearance).

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Note W. Installation Weld

The PC 1 swivel body is cast ASTM A27, GR70-40 steel, a low carbon readily weldable steel. Installation welds can be made on any portion of the vertical sides with a continuous 3/16 to 1/4"fillet or bevel weld around the entire body. The weld symbol above is preferred.

Class 5 Tiedowns Available.
Finish is Self-Colored - Other Finishes Available.

1 1 1 1 1 S33001A-100 Swivel Housing, Self Colored
2 1 1 - - S33002A-M00 Swivel Retainer, Machined, Self Colored
3 1 1 - - S33003A-100 Tiedown Clevis, Self Colored
4 1 1 - - S33004A-300 Hinge Pin, Steel Self Colored
5 1 1 1 1 SCP0005XXXX0075 Cotter Pin, Stainless Steel
2 - - 1 - S33002A-MGB Swivel Retainer, Mach. Galv/Black Dimetcote
3 - - 1 1 S33003A-1GB Tiedown Clevis, Galv./Black Dimetcote
4 - - 1 1 S33004A-3DL Hinge Pin, Steel Dacromet/Dacrocote Black
2 - - - 1 S33002A-2GB Swiv. Ret., two halve set, Galv., Bl. Dimetcote