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AN13 Series Pipe Grabs

Tandemloc's heavy-duty solid steel pipe lifting equipment is designed and manufactured for long, reliable service.

Tandemloc's heavy-duty solid steel pipe lifting equipment is designed and manufactured for long, reliable service. Grabbing the pipe is easy and outriggers stabilize the load during lifting. Our pipe grabs schedule 40, 80, and 120 PVC or ASA steel welded and seamless pipe types. Our pipe grabber offer several design features:

  • Auto engage capability
  • Capacity for lifting up to 40-foot sections of pipe.
  • 'Wings' to stabilize load during the lift
  • Ease of handling varying lengths
  • The pipe should be engaged very near CG to provide a level lift.
  • Will engage ground placed or stacked individual pipes, no blocking required.
  • Proof Tested to 200% of WLL, Certification Provided
  • Fully ASME B30.20 compliant
  • Can be used to handle other suitable cylindrical objects of the same diameter.
  • The user is responsible to ensure the item being handled has the structural integrity to be lifted using this product

Custom Pipe Grabs

For pricing on stock or custom pipe lifters, please contact the Tandemloc Sales Department.

Combine the Pipe Grab with our Rapid Ready Lift Beam to create one custom lifting product!

Please inform your salesperson if your lifter is to be used in an underwater environment.

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Model Pipe OD Weight (lbs.) Width Height Depth WLL In Stock Price* Buy Online
AN13A03-00A-PA Pipe Lifting Grabs
3.5 4 7.5 inches 12.25 inches 5 inches 450 lbs Yes --
AN13A04-00A-PA Pipe Lifting Grabs
4.5 6 9 inches 14 inches 6.4 inches 600 lbs No
AN13A05-00A-PA Pipe Lifting Grabs
5.563 8 10.7 inches 15.6 inches 7.7 inches 800 lbs Yes
AN13A06-00A-PA Pipe Lifting Grabs
6.63 12 12.7 inches 17.5 inches 9 inches 1000 lbs Yes
AN13A08-00A-PA Pipe Lifting Grabs
8.63 19 16 inches 22 inches 12 inches 1400 lbs Yes
AN13A10-00A-PA Pipe Lifting Grabs
10.75 44 21 inches 28 inches 14.6 inches 2000 lbs Yes
AN13A12-00A-PA Pipe Lifting Grabs
12.75 63 24.75 inches 32.5 inches 17.6 inches 2500 lbs No
AN13A14-00A-PA Pipe Lifting Grabs
14 87 27 inches 36 inches 19.25 inches 3500 lbs Yes
Type Pipe Grabs

Do's and Don'ts
  • DO inspect lifter before each use for loose or worn components.
  • DO lower grab onto pipe slowly and seat fully on pipe prior to attempting lift.
  • DO lift slowly and verify level, balanced lift is occurring.
  • DO NOT use grab with worn or loose components.
  • DO NOT jerk load or bump load into obstructions.
  • DO NOT drag load or grab on ground or other surface.
  • DO NOT allow lifted load to tilt to an angle of greater than 15° from the horizontal during handling.
  • DO NOT use grab for lifting material of smaller or larger O.D than specified.
  • DO NOT lift or transport load over people.