Lift beams and spreader bars for container lifting. Custom spreader frames, telescopic spreader bars.

AutoLoc Forklift Beams
Specialized Lift Equipment
Models designed for special applications
Fast turnaround for custom items
WLL: 1.5 Ton Spreader Bar, Forklift: 240.50" Max. Span
A 20' forklift spreader bar with a workload of 1.5 Tons, proof tested up to 3,125 LB.
WLL: 2.5 - 4.0 Ton Spreader Bar, Forklift: 96"-144" Span
An extremely versatile lifter, the Forklift Telescopic Lift Beam and Spreaderbar Combo can be used in three different configurations: via forklift tines, as a telescopic spreaderbar, or as an adjustable lift beam. The lifter combo can be adjusted at 6” increments between 96" and 144" wide at a 8,000 LB. down to a 5,000 LB. capacity.
WLL: 6 Ton Fork Lift Spreader Bar with Multiple Padeyes
20' - 30' Pull to Pull
Tandemloc Forklift Spreader Bar has a pull to pull from 240” to 360” with multiple pick points at 6” increments along the bottom. Features fork pockets with hand wheel for securing beam to the forklift tines and fixed stands for storage.
WLL: 10 Ton Fork Lift Beam with Center Ring: 26" Max. Span
The Fork Lift Beam w/ Center Ring includes a ring in the center of the tube which is provided as a securing point to further secure the lifter to the forklift by simply attaching a lanyard to the ring and tie the other end to the forklift.
WLL: 5 Ton Forklift Multipick Spreader Beam: 60" Max. Span
The Tandemloc Forklift Spreaderbar has a pull to pull from 40” to 60” with multiple pick points at 2” increments along the bottom padeye. The top padeye has multiple pick points at 40” center to center. Central and outer bottom padeyes offer the end user the versatility for use with several various lift configurations.

News at Tandemloc
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Tandemloc Services
  RENT Tandemloc Equipment! We maintain a huge stock of lifting, securing and container mobilizing products for short and long-term rental.
  Proof Testing All Lifting Products: Our patent-pending 300 Ton Load Tester is a unique system affording reliable testing for all of our products.
  Maintenance and Repair of Tandemloc lifters: Certified inspectors using documented procedures in accordance with ASME B30.20 standards.

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Products include lifting, mobilizing and securing products for below the hook and ISO container handling. Tandemloc provides standard corner fittings, lift beams, spreader bars, pipe end caps, container lifting devices, lifting attachments, twistlocks, d-rings, heavy duty casters, container casters, container lifting dollies and more. See Site Map.

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