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AP01A00-00A-PA Fork Lift Telescopic Lift Beam

An extremely versatile lifter, the forklift telescopic lift beam, and spreader bar combo can be used in three different configurations:

via forklift tines, as a telescopic spreader bar, or as an adjustable lift beam. The lifter combo can be adjusted at 6" increments between 96" and 144" wide at an 8,000 LB. down to a 5,000 LB. capacity. As with all Tandemloc lifting devices, this lifter is proof tested and certified to 125% of the WLL.


  • PROOF TESTED to 125% and certified.
  • CALCULATED WEIGHT: 468 LB. (423 LB. - Beam only)
  • FINISH: Sandblast, prime, and paint safety yellow.
  • STANDARDS: Specification #EAD21000A applies.
  • Designed and Manufactured to Meet or Exceed ASME B30.20 and BTH-1, Design Category B, Service Class 0.
  • CUSTOM OPTIONS: Lifter can be customized for your application, inquire for other load capacities or sizes.

Please inform your salesperson if your lifter is to be used in an underwater environment.

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Model Min Extension Max Extension WLL In Stock Buy Online
AP01A00-00A-PA Fork Lift Telescopic Lift Beam 8 ft 12 ft 5,000 lb. @ 12 ft, 8,000 lb. @ 8 ft Yes
WLL 8,000 LBS
Min Extension 8 ft
Max Extension 12 ft