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Twist lock shipping container devices are widely used to join cargo containers together both horizontally and vertically. This ensures containers are secured during transport.

The twist lock is available in many different configurations. The basic design features a cone shaped top that fits a corner fitting, which is then twisted and locked into place, giving the product its name.

The T15000A-100 pulling twist lock fits the end aperture of the bottom ISO Corner Fitting as well as the side aperture of both top and bottom ISO Corner Fittings.

After inserting the PC 1 bayonet into the corner fitting and turning the twist lock, simply spin the nut to remove the slack and provide a firm, wobble-free connection. The long cylindrical body (PC 2) is weldable. Currently this item is used on military trailers that pull containers up onto their flatbeds for transport. This item may be provided as a kit to facilitate painting or welding into your structure or it may be shipped as an assembled product.

  • For ISO 1161 Corner Fitting; Bayonet end fits and interlocks into side or end holes in bottom corner and side hole of top corner fitting.
  • Strength Ratings:
    Straight Tension: Min. Yield Strength - 74,000 LB.
    Straight Shear, Transv. or Longit.: Max. Shear - 42,000 LB.
  • Weight: 14.75 LB.
  • Finish: Self Colored
  • Assembly shipped without grease to facilitate customer painting.
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Model Additional Details Description In Stock Price* Buy Online
Pulling Twistlock, Self Colored, Fully Assembled as shown and noted. No --
Components kit un-assembled. Items & Quantities are per the list of materials & notes. No --

1 1 T15098A-100 Bayonet, Steel
2 1 T15099A-100 Body Steel
3 1 T15094A-100 Spin-Loc Nut, Large, Steel
4 1 T15097A-100 Handle, Steel
5 1 WSI0031180038 Set Screw Steel, Zn Pl.
6 1 T15091A-100 Shim Slug
7 2 806150B-2ZN Set Screw, Slotted, Stl. Zn. Pl.
8 1 $WIE-BALL50CRES Ball, Stainless Steel 1/2"
9 1 $LEELC-063G-2SS Spring, Stainless Steel .48d
10 1 $MON5004IL9500R Handle Grip, Red Vinyl
12 .001 oz. $LON261 Loctite
13 1 $LBEGHD1008 Grease Fitting