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AN17W Wheeled Lightweight Pallet Lifter

Tandemloc Pallet Lifters are built to CURRENT ASME STANDARDS! There are some pallet lifters on the market today that are built to OUTDATED standards, which put you at risk! Buyer Beware!

Tandemloc’s fixed fork pallet lifters are on the shelf, proof tested and certified. We offer several capacities and three different styles; Lightweight Pallet Lifters, Wheeled Lightweight Pallet Lifters, and Standard Pallet Lifters with Counterweight.

Please scroll down for detailed information on each style. If you don’t see the exact size you require, we can build custom pallet lifters, too.

For pricing on our standard pallet lifters, simply scroll down. (Prices INCLUDE FREIGHT TO CONUS) These can be ordered on line or by calling the sales department at 1-800-258-7324. For custom pallet lifter pricing please call, we are always building custom products!

This Below the Hook Lifter is used to substitute for fork lifts when the storage area is either too inaccessible, a fork lift is not readily available or because material handling utilizing a crane is simply more convenient. Wheeled feature allows unloaded movement when crane is not available.

  • Does not require maintenance
  • Wheel feature for simple unloaded handling (by 1 to 2 people)
  • Our longer fork length (48”) fully supports standard palletized loads
  • Dual lift points to provide balanced lift with or without load
  • Lower weight for ease of handling
  • Every Pallet Lifter is individually Proof Tested to 125% of WLL, Proof Test Certification Provided with Shipment
  • Fully compliant with safety standard ASME B30.20 2013 and designed in accordance with ASME BTH-1-2014 (Beware of competitor models built to old standards!!)
  • Durable epoxy painted finish
  • Stock item, usually ships within 1 business day

Please inform your salesperson if your lifter is to be used in an underwater environment.

Learn more about our paint process

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Model Capacity (lbs.) Master Link Opening (in.) Master Link Opening (in.) Master Link Opening (in.) Outside Fork Width (W)(in.) Throat (min) (T)(in.) Fork Length (Fork L)(in.) Fork Width (Fork W)(in.) Fork Height (Fork H)(in.) Weight (lbs.) In Stock RENT Price* Buy Online
AN17W02-00A-PA 2000 .5 inches .5 inches .5 inches 24.5 inches 47.5 inches 48 inches 2 inches 2 inches 289 Yes RENT
AN17W03-00A-PA 3000 .5 inches .5 inches .5 inches 25 inches 47.5 inches 48 inches 3 inches 2 inches 331 Yes RENT
AN17W04-00A-PA 4000 .5 inches .5 inches .5 inches 26.5 inches 47.5 inches 48 inches 4 inches 2 inches 435 Yes RENT