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K1000AA-200 Load Leveling Bottom Lift Sling for 20' ISO Containers

ISO Container Bottom Lifting & Load Leveling Sling Assembly

These bottom lift slings enable adjustment for unevenly loaded containers just like our Q2500AA series lifters with faster adjustment

No need to un-do the lift shackle-just slide it to the desired position. The chain slings adjust quickly too. Just pull the chain until it is at the desired length and "pinlock" the length in place.

  • PROOF TESTED to 125% of the Working Load Limit (WLL) and ships with a certificate of the test.
  • MATERIAL AND FINISH: Painted beam and chain, zinc thermal spray on lugs.
  • NEW: Sliding Shackle Design Saves Time When Adjusting!
  • STANDARDS: Specification #EAD21000A applies.
  • USE: After placing the sling in the position shown, insert rotary lugs into the side holes of the four ISO 1161 corner fittings & twist lock. If the center of gravity is known, unlock the chain sprocket wheels and pull on the chain legs to be made longer.


Never hold the chain leg which is being shortened & keep your hands away from the sprocket wheels. Lock sprocket wheels when the length desired is attained. The top shackle can be moved when it is not under load and is swung horizontally. The action of swinging it back to vertical locks it for use. If the center of gravity is not known, it must be determined by estimation and trial. Before lifting, rotary lugs & sprocket wheels must be locked in the correct position.

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WLL 67,200 LBS

-Lift lugs rotate to angle of lift automatically (4 Lugs included on sling).
-Spreader beam moves longitudinally according to leg lengths.
-Adjust leg lengths to achieve level lift (longitudinal adjustment)
-New Sliding Shackle Design saves time when adjusting!
-Incorporates TANDEMLOC Rotating Lift Lugs


Ensure that the chain is not kinked. Ensure personnel are clear of hazard. Never hold chain leg which is being shortened. Keep hands away from sprocket wheels.

1 1 1 Load Leveling Lift Bar
2 696 - Two LGS. 3/4" GR 80 Alloy STL Chain x 29'ABT.
3 - 1,200" Two LGS. 3/4" GR 80 Alloy STL Chain x 49.5'ABT.
4 4 4 Alloy Steel Chain GR 80 Connector
5 4 4 Rotary Lift Lug
6 4 4 Sprocket Cover, Painted
7 16 16 Hex Bolt G2 STL 3/8-16X.75 ZN PL
8 16 16 Loctite 271, Perm. Red