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Beam Clamps

Tandemloc's AQ25A Series I Beam Clamps have two principle uses, the first is as an ASME B30.20 Below the Hook Lifting device and the second as a structural fixed point to hang manual and powered hoists as described in ASME B30.16.

These Tandemloc Lifting Beam Clamps are designed to the most severe design requirements: ASME B30.20 and its design document BTH-1. By doing this we provide a superior product in both function and safety.

As an ASME B30.20 Lifting Device the Tandemloc Beam Clamp is suitable for lifting and moving I shaped structural members and fabrications. These include W-Shapes, M-Shapes, HP-Shapes and S-Shapes, as long as they are within the flange range and WLL of the selected size of the selected Tandemloc Beam Clamp.

Using a Tandemloc Beam Clamp as a temporary attachment point for manual or powered hook-suspended hoists is limited to vertical (90°) lifting. Each Tandemloc Beam Clamp includes a mechanical position lock for added safety of when in the closed position.

We have four sizes that are in stock and an additional two heavier capacity sizes available for order and delivery within a reasonable time frame.

Please inform your salesperson if your lifter is to be used in an underwater environment.

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Model WLL Min Flange Width Max Flange Width Max Flange Thinkness In Stock Price* Buy Online
AQ25A00-01C-PA Beam Clamp 2,000 LBS 3 inches 9 inches 0.83 inches Yes
AQ25A00-02C-PA Beam Clamp 4,000 LBS 3 inches 9 inches 0.83 inches Yes
AQ25A00-03C-PA Beam Clamp 6,000 LBS 4.5 inches 12.5 inches 1.15 inches Yes
AQ25A00-05C-PA Beam Clamp 10,000 LBS 4.5 inches 12.5 inches 1.15 inches Yes

3"-9" BEAM CLAMP, WLL 2,000 LB. (AQ25A00-01C-PA)

3"-9" BEAM CLAMP, WLL 4,000 LB. (AQ25A00-02C-PA)

4.5"-12.5" BEAM CLAMP, WLL 6,000 LB. (AQ25A00-03C-PA)

4.5"-12.5" BEAM CLAMP, WLL 10,000 LB. (AQ25A00-05C-PA)