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AK24/25A Spreader Beam Lifter for ISO Containers

Spreader Beam Lifters for 20 & 40 Foot ISO Containers

ISO 3874 standards require that when lifting containers from the bottom corner fittings, a lift sling must be used. Tandemloc has designed and manufactured a simple and economical lift sling that meets the ISO 3874 standards. The 20' version comes in two different working load strengths. The 20'/40' version is versatile because it can be easily adjusted to lift a 20' or 40' container. Is your working load capacity not listed? Just give one of our sales staff a call and we can customize the capacity to meet your strength requirements.

  • PROOF TESTED to 125% of WLL (See Chart Below) Proof Test Certificate provided
  • CALCULATED WEIGHT: See Chart Below
    PC1 - Steel, Painted
    PC2 - Steel, Bright
    PC3 - Steel, Painted
  • STANDARDS: Specification #EAD21000A applies.
  • GENERAL: All containers, corner fittings and sling equipment to be inspected for flaws and damage before use. Only equipment in good condition shall be lifted.
  • In some cases, ISO container measured lengths differ from size "l". Ref. I.S.O. STD. 668.
  • 20'/40' combo slings have short wire rope legs for a 20' lift & four wire rope extensions for a 40' lift.

  • All vertical dimensions are subject to significant variation due to the accumulation of tolerances for the heavy wire rope lengths. If the vertical dimension is important in your application, ask for a wire rope sling with shackle and adjusting turnbuckle for finite adjustment. Dimensions noted are for reference only and are subject to manufacturing tolerance.
  • Sling assemblies meet ISO 3874, ANSI/ASME B30.20 standards.
  • This lifter may be customized to meet your application: inquire for other load capacities or sizes. Please use the 'Product Inquiry' button to the right.
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Model Additional Details "L" Container Size WLL "S" Slack Weight (lbs.) "AA" Use Angle "A" Use Angle "D" Master Ring Diameter "E" Master Ring Height "F" Master Ring Width "G" Master Ring to Container Bottom PC1 - Lift Beam Part Number PC2 - Wire Rope Legs & Shackle Part Numbers PC3 - Lift Lug Part Numbers In Stock Price* Buy Online
AK24A00-00A-PA Spreader Beam Lifter for ISO Containers
20 ft 52,900 LBS 17 inches 509 60 degrees 45 degrees 1.61 inches 10.50 inches 5.90 inches 214 inches AK24A01-00A-PA AK24A03-00A 416000C-LSTZ No --
AK25A00-00A-PA Spreader Beam Lifter for ISO Containers
20 ft 67,200 LBS 17 inches 667 60 degrees 45 degrees 1.75 inches 12 inches 6 inches 216 inches AK25A01-00A-PA AK25A03-00A 416000C-LSTZ No --
AK25A00-01A-PA Spreader Beam Lifter for ISO Containers
40 ft / 20 ft 67,200 LBS 138 inches 812 60 degrees 45 degrees 1.75 inches 12 inches 6 inches 336 inches AK25A01-00A-PA AK25A03-00A/AK25A04-00A 416000C-LSTZ No --