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AG08ALP Series Center Lift Pipe Sleeves

Build Your Own “Three-Lift-Point Spreader Beam” using AC25C End Caps, Pipe, and AG08ALP Center Lift Pipe Sleeves. Our Center Lift Point Pipe Sleeves further increase the versatility of our Build Your Own Spreader Beam product line by providing users with the option to safely add a third lifting point to their two-point spreader beam assembly.

Installation is very simple and similar to that of our Standard Pipe Sleeve: slide on the corresponding sized pipe, “through-pin” the pipe and sleeve with the attached sleeve-pin and secure with included cotter pin. Whenever using the Center Lift Pipe Sleeve, the user must use a 3-leg top sling (even when not using the bottom center lift point provided by the center lift pipe sleeve): with two of the top sling legs attaching to the top hole of the end cap at each end (as is typical with any of our end cap assemblies), and the third leg (center) attaching directly to the top connection point of the center lift pipe sleeve. This center leg in the top sling is required as the spreader is not designed to handle bending loads, which would result if picking up 3 bottom lift points with only a standard (outboard) two leg top sling.

*IMPORTANT User Notes:

  1. Unlike our Standard Pipe Sleeve, the Center Lift Pipe Sleeve must be located at the center of the spreader beam assembly and cannot be placed at different locations along the length of the beam.
  2. A 3-leg top sling must ALWAYS be used with the center lift pipe sleeve, regardless of the bottom configuration of the lift, whether a 2-point or 3-point lift.

Please inform your salesperson if your lifter is to be used in an underwater environment.

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Model Description Spreader Pipe Size Straight Pull WLL (LBS) Calculated Weight (LBS) Price Buy Online
AG08ALP-03X 3" Pipe Sleeve with Center Lift 3 inches 29,750 17 -
AG08ALP-04X 4" Pipe Sleeve with Center Lift 4 inches 55,000 36 -
AG08ALP-08X 8" Pipe Sleeve with Center Lift 8 inches 93.650 130 -
AG08ALP-05X 5" Pipe Sleeve with Center Lift 5 inches 55,000 45 -
AG08ALP-06X 6" Pipe Sleeve with Center Lift 6 inches 93.650 83 -
AG08ALP-10X 10" Pipe Sleeve with Center Lift 10 inches 130,000 311 -
AG08ALP-12X 12" Pipe Sleeve with Center Lift 12 inches 130,000 415 -
AG08ALP-14X 14" Pipe Sleeve with Center Lift 14 inches 170,000 820 -
AG08ALP-26X 26" Pipe Sleeve with Center Lift 26 inches 500,000 1690 -
AG08ALP-32X 32" Pipe Sleeve with Center Lift 32 inches 1,544,000 4500 -