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AG08A00 Series Pipe Sleeves

Make a spreader beam by joining pipe end to end with AG08A00 "PIPE SLEEVES". Easier handling and storage of shorter pipe sections - increase the range of lengths possible through combining sections. The removable end caps and sleeves provide economic flexibility for making different lift lengths.

Installation is simple, quick and positive; slide on the pipe, through pin it with the attached pin (Make sure you attach the clip to prevent the pin from coming out.) No time consuming nuts and bolts to mess with or lose. Note that the sleeve can be used in many different locations along the span, not necessarily in the center of the assembly.

Please inform your salesperson if your lifter is to be used in an underwater environment.

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Model Additional Details Spreader Pipe Size Price* Buy Online
AG08A00-03X Pipe Sleeves
3 Inches --
AG08A00-04X Pipe Sleeves
4 Inches --
AG08A00-05X Pipe Sleeves
5 Inches --
AG08A00-06X Pipe Sleeves
6 Inches --
AG08A00-08X Pipe Sleeves
8 Inches --
AG08A00-10X Pipe Sleeves
10 Inches --
AG08A00-12X Pipe Sleeves
12 Inches --
AG08A00-14X Pipe Sleeves
14 Inches --
AG08A00-26X Pipe Sleeves
26 Inches --
AG08A00-32X Pipe Sleeves
32 Inches --

AC25 SpreaderAG08A00 Drawing 1

AG08A00 Drawing 2