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AE09000A-1PA Lift Beam

Four Point Adjustable Lift Beam

Lift beam with a multi-pick padeye giving tremendous adjustment for off-center lifts.

The ends of the lifter are designed for multiple pendants. This lifter was specially designed for a particular application, but could be altered to suit your requirements. TANDEMLOC offers a tremendous library of products and most of them can be customized.

  • PROOF TESTED to 125% (8,125 LB) and certified.
    310 LB. (Configuration 1)
    317 LB. (Configuration 2)
    305 LB. (Configuration 3)
  • FINISH: Sandblast, Prime and Paint Safety Yellow
  • STANDARDS: Specification #EAD21000A applies. Meets ANSI B30.20.
  • CUSTOM OPTIONS: Can be customized for your application, inquire for other load capacities or sizes.

Please inform your salesperson if your lifter is to be used in an underwater environment.

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Type 4 Point - Adjustable
WLL 6,500 LBS
Min Extension 79 inches
Max Extension 79 inches

Configuration One

Configuration Two (See Configuration 1 for beam details)

Configuration Three (See Configuration 1 for beam details)