ISO container mobilizing, moving and towing with container casters, cargo container carts and towbars.




Tandemloc Container Casters are designed to rigidly clamp to ISO 1161 Corner Fittings, commonly found on Intermodal Freight Containers and many Military Shelters, generator set-ups and communication vans.

Once installed, they provide an efficient way of mobilizing at low speeds (non-highway use). The common uses are moving containers in and out of a facility for maintenance, alterations, upfits or for complexing and loading shelters. Towbars are also available and these fit the end hole of the corner fitting. The Container Casters are very rugged products, available in a wide range of capacities and wheel types for different surfaces. The pneumatic casters are recommended for uneven surfaces or when floor damage is a concern. All casters are swivel type with a swivel lock, locking at 90° increments. This offers the user the most flexibility by allowing all to swivel for tight turns or to lock two (rear) if desired when towing.

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  • WLL: See chart below.
  • FINISH: Top Casterloc is galvanized, bottom caster is painted.
  • CALCULATED WEIGHT: See chart below.


  • Contact Tandemloc For Available Options and Custom Configurations.
  • These casters use a swivel with a swivel locking feature.
  • All the casters have an operating temperature of (-40°F to 120°F).
  • The Twistlock, wheel mount and axle are steel. See the chart for material of the wheels.
  • For use in ISO 1161 steel corner fittings as normally used on standard freight containers or similar constructions.
  • When placing or removing casters from corners, use a fork truck, as shown below, to raise or lower the Casterloc. Personnel are to stand clear of adjacent areas to avoid injury if accidentally dropped.
  • Casters can allow loads to move on unlevel surface & crush personnel. Lock swivel casters in towing direction & chock before detaching tow vehicle. When towing, swivels on tow end should be unlocked after connecting tow vehicle & before starting tow.


  Price* Rent Part # Capacity
Max Speed
Type of Wheel
of Wheels
A B C D E F G Weight
N/A AC49000A-2PA 2,500 5 Urethane on Iron 1 N/A 19.10 15.47 8.00 2.00 2.00 3.00 10.25 73.60
N/A AC49000A-3PA 5,000 5 Urethane on Iron 1 N/A 21.59 17.96 10.00 2.63 3.63 5.00 12.00 126.00
N/A RENT AC49000A-4PA 10,000 5 Urethane on Iron 2 N/A 22.59 18.96 10.00 2.50 3.50 5.00 14.25 222.25
N/A N/A AC49000A-5PA 12,000 5 Urethane on Iron 2 N/A 24.59 20.96 12.00 2.88 4.88 5.00 14.25 241.25
N/A RENT AC49000A-6PA 16,800 5 Urethane on Iron 2 N/A 28.59 24.96 16.00 3.56 7.56 5.00 14.25 292.25
N/A N/A AC49000A-7PA 3,120 5 Pneumatic 2 85 30.59 26.96 18.00 4.50 9.50 6.00 12.00 112.00
N/A N/A AC49000A-8PA 5,550 5 Pneumatic 2 115 35.34 31.71 23.00 5.00 12.50 7.25 14.25 203.00
N/A RENT AC49000A-9PA 7,260 5 Pneumatic 2 100 37.84 34.21 25.00 5.00 13.50 7.75 14.25 239.00
N/A N/A AC49000A-10PA 9,460 6 Pneumatic 2 130 37.59 33.96 23.54 5.00 12.77 7.13 12.00 294.00
N/A N/A AC49000A-11PA 15,000 6 Pneumatic 2 145 38.59 34.96 23.62 6.00 13.81 9.84 14.25 524.00
N/A N/A AC49000A-12PA 18,000 5 Urethane on Iron 2 N/A 32.59 28.96 20.00 4.31 10.31 5.00 14.25 347.00
N/A N/A AC49000A-13PA 10,000 5 Nylatron HD 1 N/A 17.63 14.00 6.00 1.75 0.75 3.00 12.00 70.00

*Minimum order of 4 pieces required.

  • Installing into standard ISO containers with ISO 1161 corner fittings at corners:
  • Lift container per international standard (ISO) 3874 or other means so that the bottom surface of the corner fittings are about 40" above the rolling surface.
  • With a fork lift truck raise the unlocked Casterloc into the bottom hole of each corner fitting & activate the twist lock with its handle. Before lowering the container, adjust the clamping stud to tighten connection ( 50 to 125 ft/ lb.) Notice - tightening must be done before lowering.
  • When all four Casterlocs are tight, lower the container to the level rolling surface.
  • The container may be raised a second time & retightened to the same torque after "settling", if desired.
  • Operation:
  • Moving standard freight containers on casters differs from moving containers on a chassis because the caster connection has less horizontal structural strength. For this reason, the speed of movement must be slower and the surface on which the caster rolls, must be reasonably smooth. Excessive forces in a horizontal direction can cause failure. For this reason, speed shall not exceed the limit shown for each caster.
  • Moving heavy containers on casters requires that its movement always be under control for direction and braking on both level and unlevel surfaces. A towing vehicle with tow bars affixed to the forward bottom corners is the optimum method of moving & braking. Personnel should remain clear of the roll path to prevent injury. Sufficient personnel should be utilized for good visibility.
  • Important note:
  • Lifting and handling ISO freight containers should be done by qualified personnel familiar with ISO standard 3874. This standard is available from the International Standards Organization (in the U.S.A.; American National Standards Institute (ANSI)).

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