Lift beams and spreader bars for container lifting. Custom spreader frames, telescopic spreader bars.



  • Immediate price quotes on the phone.
  • Top Rigging Sales Drawing provided at quotation.
  • Shipped within 5-7 work days* from receipt of your order
  • Standard Top Rigging Configuration Includes:
    • 1 Master Link
    • 4 Flemish Eye Splices (Wire Rope Only)
    • 2 Chain Connectors (Chain Only)
    • 4 Thimbles (Wire Rope Only)
    • 2 Bolt Type Anchor Shackles. See illustration.
  • All Rigging is proof tested and ships with a proof test certificate.

For applications requiring pipe lifting, check out our Rapid Ready Lift Beam & Pipe Grabs Combo Lifters page.

Tandemloc Terms & Conditions of Use

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Be ready with up to 3 pieces of information when you call: Your Lift’s Required Capacity, the Tare Weight of your Spreaderbar, and the Spreaderbar’s Maximum Span.

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*Note Rapid Ready Program Limitations listed for both Wire Rope and Chain Top Rigging

Wire Rope Top Rigging

  • Limited to Two Legged Wire Rope Slings
  • Up to and including 1-1/2” Wire Rope
    • @ 45° Sling Angle, WLL limit is approximately 58,000lbs.
      • This depends on other factors such as Tare weight
    • @ 60° Sling Angle, WLL limit is approximately 71,000lbs.
      • This depends on other factors such as Tare weight
    • Custom Sling Angles are possible
  • Standard design includes Master Link, Sling Legs, Thimbles & BTAS (Shackles)

Chain Top Rigging

  • Limited to Two Legged Chain Slings
  • Up to and including 1/2” Gr 100 Chain
    • @ 45° Sling Angle, WLL limit is approximately 21,000lbs.
      • This depends on other factors such as Tare weight
    • @ 60° Sling Angle, WLL limit is approximately 25,000lbs.
      • This depends on other factors such as Tare weight
    • Custom Sling Angles are possible
  • Standard design includes Master Link, Sling Legs, Chain Connectors & BTAS (Shackles)

"Rapid Ready" Program

Additional Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions are in addition to those identified in 3006.06a:

  • Applicability: These additional terms only apply to those items identified as part of the Rapid Ready Program as shown on the Tandemloc website.
  • Shipping Schedule Obligation: Rapid Ready Products will be shipped within 5-7 "Tandemloc Work Days" after receipt of payment. The 5-7 day schedule begins on the next Tandemloc Work Day after receipt of payment and ends on the day the item is shipped, or is ready for pick up in the case of orders placed for customer pick up.
    • Customer Pickup: The item is considered "shipped" once the customer is notified by e-mail that the item is ready for pick-up.
    • Tandemloc Work Days: Are days where Tandemloc is open and producing products. This is typically Monday through Thursday, not including Tandemloc holidays. (Fridays are also not included as our Production Department is closed on Fridays). Inclement weather or other day(s) wherein Tandemloc is unexpectedly closed are not to be considered "Tandemloc Work Days."
  • Payment Terms: All orders for Rapid Ready products are prepaid or by credit card. This applies to all customers regardless of prior payment terms for other orders.
  • Cancellations/Returns/ Refunds: Are not allowed unless Tandemloc fails to meet the above shipping schedule obligation or the item is not manufactured in accordance with the sales drawing provided to the customer with the order acknowledgement.
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Products include lifting, mobilizing and securing products for below the hook and ISO container handling. Tandemloc provides standard corner fittings, lift beams, spreader bars, pipe end caps, container lifting devices, lifting attachments, twistlocks, d-rings, heavy duty casters, container casters, container lifting dollies and more. See Site Map.

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