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AQ31P-40X-PA Spreader Pipe

From 2.875" to 4.5" OD steel pipe, Tandemloc stocks various sizes and can cut to length and prepare the pipe, making it ready to use upon delivery. We will drill the holes in the correct locations, paint and label the pipe according to the appropriate working load limit (capacity) for your kit.

We can also proof-test the assembled kit and provide certification. Otherwise, the pipe is not proof tested; only the End Caps are proof tested. The pipe we specify meets the load demands experienced by the spreader pipe portion of the assembly. They are certified to the material specification & test report received from the pipe manufacturer and for the workload limit noted in the pipe chart when used with the appropriate End Caps and conform to the lift angles noted on this drawing and the end caps.

The pipe producer's material test report is attached to the TANDEMLOC certification. If supplying your own pipe, it is critical that you purchase the correct pipe, meeting the correct ASTM designation and all other specifications contained on drawing SAQ31P.

  • O.D.: 4.500
  • 2X C: 19.66
  • A: 1.50
  • øB: .63
  • CUT PIPE LB./FT.: 5.288

Please inform your salesperson if your lifter is to be used in an underwater environment.

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Spreader Pipe Size 4 Inches