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AE24000 Series Low Lift Frame

Low-Lift Frame for 20/40 Ft. ISO Type 1 Containers

If our Low-Profile Bottom Lift Slings are not low enough, this AE24000B series may be the solution

This series offers a headroom as low as a scant 21 inches above the container (assuming the container is 102" tall) while still maintaining the minimum allowable sling angle of 30 degrees when lifting from the bottom corners (Ref ISO 3874 and ISO 1496). This design is made to lift either a 20' or 40' container. The 40' container is lifted using the same assembly as a 20-footer except that wire rope extension pendants are used and are included with the product. Several models are available with capacities (working load limit or WLL) ranging from 40,000 lbs to 67,200 lbs. As an added feature, the frame offers several lift points, enabling the level lift of unequally loaded containers (longitudinal direction only). However, please note that ISO 1496 tests assume a relatively evenly loaded container. It is the user's responsibility to confirm the suitability of a container's lift capabilities.

  • PROOF TESTED to 125%
  • CALCULATED WEIGHT: (See Chart Below) Weight of frame only: 2,290 LB
  • FINISH: Sandblast, Primed and Paint Yellow
  • Standard specification #EAD21000A applies

Product Notes

  • Note 2: Sling is for lifting 20 Ft. or 40 Ft. ISO Type 1 container up to 8'-6" high and conforms to ISO 3874 handling and securing.
    • For lifting 20 Footers, use the 132" pendant which includes a shackle at the top and a rotary lift lug at the bottom.
    • For lifting a 40 Footer, add four 90" long extension pendants (which include a shackle for the lift frame) to extend the 132" pendants to 222"
  • Note 3: A 12.00" minimum space is required for slack to attach in bottom corner fitting side holes. (See drawing below)
  • Note 4: Manufacturing tolerances apply
  • This lifter may be customized to meet your application: inquire about other load capacities or sizes shown may be of a similar item.
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Model Additional Details WLL In Stock Price* Buy Online
AE24000A-1PA Low Lift Frame 40,000 LBS No --
AE24000B-2PA Low Lift Frame 48,000 LBS No --
AE24000B-3PA Low Lift Frame 53,000 LBS No --
AE24000B-4PA Low Lift Frame 67,200 LBS No --
WLL 40,000 to 67,200 LBS