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AC25C-045080EH End Caps for Spreader Bar Assemblies

To design your own spreader bar, you will need to know the span of your spread and the weight of the load you’ll be lifting. Also consider any height restrictions that will dictate the sling height above the load. Always thoroughly review the end cap manual, #SAC25C, prior to use to ensure your proposed application is within the limits of these particular end caps.

You can also utilize the End Cap App found here to ensure that you’re proposed spreader will work.

Use two end caps, one on each end of pipe for capacity of 2x the end cap working load limit.

Each End Cap is proof-tested, ships with certificate.

  • Max. Capacity @ Max Spread (45⁰ Top Sling Angle): 19T (38,000 LBS)
  • Max. Capacity @ Max Spread (60⁰ Top Sling Angle): 35T (70,000 LBS)
  • End Cap Weight (per Unit): 246.50 LBS
  • Estimated Pipe Weight/FT: 43.39 LBS
  • Sleeve Weight: 77.0 LBS
  • Matching Sleeve: AG08A00-08X
  • End Cap Lost Length: 17.36 Inches

  • Material is steel, painted yellow.
  • Spreader bar assemblies made up of End Caps and cut to length pipe can be proof tested & certified for the loads shown in the sales drawing below upon request.
  • Use two end caps, one on each end of spreader pipe for a capacity of 2x the end cap work load limit.
  • Use manual #SAC25C, included with each set of pipe caps.
  • Each pipe cap has a label with data as shown below and the nominal pipe size it fits. Label may say "Sched 60 wall” instead of "Sched 80 wall" depending on size of end cap.
  • Each end cap over 8" has one or two D-rings for lifting the end cap only.
  • Please Note: When building a spreader bar assembly using the AC25C End Eye Caps, capacities will be dependent upon using the pipe and span as specified on: Standard Spreader Pipe for Use with AC25C End
  • Eye Caps (AC22P)
  • It is the user's responsibility to conform to the span and the pipe specifications exactly as indicated!
  • Caution: Never use a sling angle of less than specified. NEVER EXCEED THE WORK LOAD LIMIT (WLL) for the pipe, per the span indicated, nor the capacity of the end cap! Failure to stay within these limits could result in lifter assembly failure, leading to property damage, injury or death from a falling load.

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Maximum Capacity 180,000 LBS
Min. Spread 50.72 Inches
Max Spread 48 Ft
Spreader Pipe Size 8 Inches