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Telescopic Spreader Bars and Slings
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Telescopic Spreader Bars and Slings

SPREADERS: Value and versatility are built in to TANDEMLOC telescopic spreaders. The telescoping bar offers a wide range of minimum and maximum lengths in convenient increments of only a few inches. We probably have one that fits job - if we don't, we can easily customize. We keep a huge stocking inventory of telescopic spreaders.

SLINGS: Some designs show a sling as a separate item, some incorporate a sling as part of the spreader; others don't offer a sling. Please check the drawings carefully or just ask - we can provide the sling if needed. As for the spreader bar end design, yes these can be made with clevis ends to eliminate shackles. Bars can be designed for low sling angles.

Telescopic Spreader Bars - Sort columns by clicking the arrows in the title:

30.00 T 6.00 ft. 9.00 ft. Yes AA10000A-0S-1PA
30.00 T 9.00 ft. 15.00 ft. Yes AA11000A-0S-1PA
30.00 T 8.00 ft. 14.00 ft. Yes AA11000B-0S-1PA
30.00 T 8.00 ft. 12.00 ft. No AA11000C-1PA
75.00 T 15.00 ft. 24.00 ft. Yes AA12000A-0S-1PA
3.00 T 3.00 ft. 5.00 ft. Yes AA17000A-1PA
30.00 T 10.50 ft. 18.00 ft. Yes AA19000A-0S-1PA
25.00 T 12.00 ft. 20.00 ft. Yes AA19000B-0S-1PA
4.25 T 2.63 ft. 3.71 ft. No AA49000A-1PA
25.00 T 11.00 ft. 18.00 ft. No AA53000A-1PA
15.00 T 8.00 ft. 14.00 ft. Yes AA59000A-0S-1PA
25.00 T 6.50 ft. 10.00 ft. No AA64000A-1PA
57.33 T 8.00 ft. 14.00 ft. No AA69000A-1PA
10.00 T 12.00 ft. 20.00 ft. Yes AB09000A-0S-1PA
9.00 T 20.00 ft. 30.00 ft. Yes AB14000A-0S-1PA
0.50 T 5.00 ft. 8.00 ft. No AB21000A-1PA
50.00 T 14.00 ft. 20.00 ft. Yes AB23000A-0S-1PA
45.00 T 25.00 ft. 38.00 ft. No AB27000A-1PA
45.00 T 23.00 ft. 40.00 ft. No AB41000A-1PA
10.00 T 9.00 ft. 15.00 ft. Yes AB43000A-0S-1PA
15.00 T 9.00 ft. 15.00 ft. No AB46001A-1PA
40.00 T 10.25 ft. 18.00 ft. No AB67002A-1PA
15.00 T 6.50 ft. 10.00 ft. Yes AB73000A-1PA
75.00 T 9.00 ft. 15.00 ft. Yes AC04000A-0S-1PA
40.00 T 25.00 ft. 40.00 ft. No AC12000A-1PA
15.00 T 9.50 ft. 16.00 ft. No AC26000A-1PA
35.00 T 24.00 ft. 40.00 ft. No AC43001A-1PA
20.00 T 8.00 ft. 13.00 ft. Yes AC44001A-0S-1PA
33.06 T 9.00 ft. 15.00 ft. No AC61000A-1PA
50.00 T 12.00 ft. 19.00 ft. Yes AD13000A-0S-1PA
2.50 T 2.17 ft. 3.00 ft. No AD20200A-1PA
35.00 T 23.00 ft. 40.00 ft. Yes AD24000A-0S-1PA
15.00 T 23.00 ft. 40.00 ft. Yes AD25001A-0S-1PA
12.50 T 11.00 ft. 18.00 ft. Yes AD27001A-0S-1PA
25.00 T 23.00 ft. 40.00 ft. No AD32000A-1PA
35.00 T 38.00 ft. 65.00 ft. No AD33000A-1PA
40.00 T 12.00 ft. 20.00 ft. Yes AD35000A-0S-1PA
40.00 T 8.00 ft. 12.00 ft. Yes AD35000B-0S-1PA
15.00 T 4.00 ft. 7.00 ft. Yes AE01000A-0S-1PA
1.00 T 12.00 ft. 20.00 ft. Yes AE02000A-0S-1PA
50.00 T 38.00 ft. 65.00 ft. No AE07000A-1PA
2.25 T 6.83 ft. 11.83 ft. No AE22000A-1PA
15.00 T 10.00 ft. 16.00 ft. No AE30000A-1PA
20.00 T 4.50 ft. 6.00 ft. Yes AJ06A00-0S-PA
5.00 T 18.00 ft. 30.00 ft. Yes AM08A00-0S-PA
3.25 T 5.98 ft. 9.29 ft. No AN50A00-00A-PA
50.00 T 7.00 ft. 12.00 ft. Yes AP17A00-0S-PA
10.00 T 7.00 ft. 12.00 ft. Yes R28000A-0S-1PA
8.00 T 8.00 ft. 14.00 ft. Yes R28000B-0S-1PA
8.00 T 4.50 ft. 7.00 ft. Yes R28000B-2PA
10.00 T 4.50 ft. 7.00 ft. Yes R28000C-0S-1PA
33.60 T 23.00 ft. 40.00 ft. No S40000A-1PA
40.00 T 12.00 ft. 20.00 ft. No S40000B-1PA
40.00 T 25.00 ft. 35.00 ft. No S40000B-2PA
15.00 T 23.00 ft. 40.00 ft. No S40000E-1PA
33.60 T 23.00 ft. 40.00 ft. No S40000F-1PA
40.00 T 8.21 ft. 14.00 ft. No S40000G-1PA
5.00 T 12.00 ft. 20.00 ft. Yes U23000A-0S-1PA
50.00 T 9.00 ft. 16.00 ft. No U27000A-1PA

Adjustable Spreader Bars

AutoLocADJUSTABLE SPREADERS: Tandemloc's adjustable spreaders are economical and real time and work savers. These versatile workhorses are easy to use and rapidly adjust. Contact Tandemloc with your requirements. Economic, versatile, easy-to-use • Wide range of capacities & lengths • Customized to your needs
Click link for details of ADJUSTABLE SPREADERS: TLOC PART NO
Spreader with Sliding Lift Eyes, WLL: 100,000 Lb; 33 ft. & 15' U30000A-1PA
Spreader w/Sliding Lift Eyes, WLL: 65,000 Lb. U30000B-2PA

Fixed Length Spreader Bars

Very economical configurations • Built to any length • Accommodating many sling types
Works with variety of slings, like wire rope or chain and at different sling angles, depending on headroom.
  Click link for details of FIXED LENGTH SPREADER BARS: TLOC PART NO
21' Fixed Length Spreader; WLL: 2.5 Tons AF15A00-00A-PA
Spreader Bar with Multiple Pick Points, 68" - 101.56", WLL: 3.5 Tons AA72000A-1PA
14' Spreader Bar; WLL: 8.5 Tons S46000B-400
10' Spreader Bar; WLL: 12.5 Tons AB07000A-1PA
8' Spreader Bar; WLL: 20 Tons AB29000A-1PA
4' Spreader Bar; WLL: 32 Tons AF22A00-00A-PA
12' Spreader, WLL: 65,000 LB U30000A-2PA
16' Fixed Length Spreader Bar; WLL: 50 Tons AB12000A-1PA


Aluminum Telescopic Spreaderbars

If you require a lightweight spreaderbar, but don’t want to lose capacity strength, consider a Tandemloc Aluminum Telescopic Spreaderbar. Not only are these spreaderbars lightweight, but they offer fast adjustability between a maximum and minimum lift point - without losing capacity!
  Click link for details of ALUMINUM SPREADER BARS: TLOC PART NO
Aluminum Telescopic Spreader; 90"-150", WLL: 0.5 Tons AP22A00-00A-1PA
Aluminum Telescopic Spreader; 50"-70", WLL: 1 Ton AP22A00-00A-2PA
Aluminum Telescopic Spreader; 83"-143", WLL: 1 Ton AQ31A00-00A-PA


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