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Pipe Grabs

Tandemloc's heavy-duty solid steel pipe grabs are designed and manufactured for long, reliable service. Grabbing the pipe is easy and outriggers stabilize the load during lifting. Our pipe grabs are compatible with Schedule 40, 80, and 120 PVC or ASA steel welded and seamless pipe types and offer design features including:

  • - Auto engage capability
  • - Capacity for lifting up to 40-foot sections of pipe
  • - 'Wings' to stabilize load during the lift
  • - Ease of handling varying lengths
  • - Will engage ground placed or stacked individual pipes, no blocking required.
  • - Proof Tested to 200% of WLL, Certification Provided
  • - Fully ASME B30.20 compliant
  • - Can be used to handle other suitable cylindrical objects of the same diameter

- The user is responsible to ensure the item being handled has the structural integrity to be lifted using this product. You can combine the Pipe Grab with our Rapid Ready Lift Beam to create a custom lifting product.