Lift beams, spreader bars, container lifting, container casters and connectors for lifting, securing and mobilizing.

Important Safety Information

Accidents Do Not Just 'Happen'...
We make every effort to provide clear instruction and operational parameters -

Heavy-duty equipment is hazardous if not operated in accordance with strict safety guidelines.
Please review our 'User Responsibilities for Lifters' page as well - thank you!
Call us with any operational questions or concerns. Tel: (252) 463-8228

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The 8 Basic Guidelines of Heavy Equipment Use:

  1. Know how to properly operate the equipment you are using.
  2. Do not use heavy machinery when you are drowsy, intoxicated, or taking prescription medication that may affect your performance.
  3. Use only equipment that is appropriate for the work to be done.
  4. Inspect your equipment to ensure that it is in good working condition before beginning a job. In addition, ensure that regular inspections and maintenance are conducted as appropriate.
  5. Do not stress or overload your equipment.
  6. Replace missing or worn parts with genuine Tandemloc parts in order to be certain lifter strength and function is adequate and safe.
  7. Make sure all pins and lanyards are fully inserted and connected as well as bolts and nuts fully engaged to avoid dropping the load.
  8. Make sure you read the specifications and use information before using the equipment.

When in doubt, call Tandemloc for assistance.

Warning Label

This is a typical safety label applied to TANDEMLOC, Inc. lifting products. Be certain to read and understand the statements on these labels - they are there for your safety!

If you lose a label, call us for a replacement.

Remember - Safety Is No Accident!


  • The load lifted should never exceed the working load limit (WLL) specified on the lifter and plate.
  • The weight (WT) of the lifter and load should never exceed the rated capacity of the hoist or crane.
  • The lifter should be operated by qualified personnel.
  • The lifter, including all rigging, should be visually and mechanically inspected on a scheduled basis by qualified personnel. Defects should be corrected prior to use.
  • Any modifications or repairs to the lifter should be made by qualified personnel. If this work is structural, the lifter should be proof or load tested again.
  • The lifter should only be used for its designed or designated purpose, and in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
  • Personnel should not ride on the lifter, nor place themselves in, under, or directly adjacent to the lifting area.
  • A low height test lift should be conducted to confirm lifter function and load stability.
  • The lifted load should be balanced such that excessive point loading does not occur.
  • All lifting should be done in a smooth, even manner to minimize shock to the lifter and load.

Typical labels:

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Products include lifting, mobilizing and securing products for below the hook and ISO container handling. Tandemloc provides standard corner fittings, lift beams, spreader bars, pipe end caps, container lifting devices, lifting attachments, twistlocks, d-rings, heavy duty casters, container casters, container lifting dollies and more. See Site Map.

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