Lift beams, spreader bars, container lifting, container casters and connectors for lifting, securing and mobilizing.

TANDEMLOC, Inc. provides engineered and manufacturing solutions for unique applications pertaining to lifting, securing and mobilizing of containers and other items. Over the years, we have designed thousands of products.

Our roots date back to the 1950's, when the shipping world began using the newly developed cargo container to carry cargo around the world. The intermodal industry was born and we designed all kinds of tie downs and lifters specifically for cargo containers. Our understanding of "the container" soon led to servicing the needs of the unique uses of these containers, which remains one of our primary areas of focus today. The worldwide standardization of the container gave birth to other uses of the container, uses such as communication shelters, waste containment and transport containers, living shelters, special storage modules, modular construction, and more.

See Tandemloc's cover article in Wire Rope Exchange magazine.

Many special uses were driven by the military; we provide special lifters, tiedowns and mobilizing products to support these applications. Our ability to understand an application, engineer a solution and manufacture it in short order, has resulted in TANDEMLOC becoming the choice of many major defense contractors. Most recently, we designed, manufactured and delivered most of the tiedowns used on the new "Medium Tactical Vehicle" (MTVR), now being used by the United States Marine Corps.

Our problem-solving background in the container lifting business enabled us to service another market, "Below the Hook Lifters". Over the years, we have developed a huge selection of general-purpose spreader bars, lifting beams and frames of all shapes and sizes. We also design and build special purpose, proprietary lifters.

The products shown online represent a partial selection of lifters - available as shown or "tweaked" to meet your specific needs. We can also design items 'from the ground up.'

With most applications, we are able to design, manufacture, test and ship the lifter within a few weeks of your order.

We build lifters to ANSI/ASME B30.20. And, we proof-test every lifter we build.

Our Founder

John 'Mike' DiMartino, Sr.
Chairman of the Board
Tandemloc's founder, John 'Mike' DiMartino.

His inspiration and spirit of innovation set the path followed by Tandemloc today.
TANDEMLOC'S "PROOF TESTED" CHAIRMAN of the BOARD: We've been fortunate over the last many years to develop a great crew of people. John "MIKE" DiMartino, Sr. was the first and foremost employee TANDEMLOC, INC.

A great many souls owe their livelihood to the hard work and dedication of this gentleman's life work. We can't say enough good things about the man...really. His in-depth knowledge of the ANSI / ASME, ISO and MIL STD specifications to which we manufacture, has been a prime mover in TANDEMLOC's growth since our inception in the early 1980's. His experience goes back to the late 1950's and, at one time, he sat on the board of ISO standards.

He was personally responsible for many patents. Sadly, Mike passed away in 2008 after many, many years of working every day at Tandemloc with his two sons - John Jr., President and Bill DiMartino, Vice-President, who have kept the TANDEMLOC ship on the course he chartered.

Another terrific product line is our Casters. We offer a line of "Container Casters" which connect to ISO containers or shelters for short distance movements, such as those required in-plant or around the field. They are available in a variety of capacities and wheel types, up to handling a fully loaded 40' container. We also provide casters for general industry, focusing primarily on very heavy applications. For example, we have developed a low height, 10,000 lb and 15,000 lb capacity pneumatic caster. We often supply casters with capacities of 20,000 lbs or more. We can also design and build heavy dollies and carts.

We hope you will find our website helpful in your selection of products and we invite your inquiry.

Thank you for visiting and considering us for your next project.

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Tandemloc Services
  RENT Tandemloc Equipment! We maintain a huge stock of lifting, securing and container mobilizing products for short and long-term rental.
  Proof Testing All Lifting Products: Our patent-pending 300 Ton Load Tester is a unique system affording reliable testing for all of our products.
  Maintenance and Repair of Tandemloc lifters: Certified inspectors using documented procedures in accordance with ASME B30.20 standards.

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Products include lifting, mobilizing and securing products for below the hook and ISO container handling. Tandemloc provides standard corner fittings, lift beams, spreader bars, pipe end caps, container lifting devices, lifting attachments, twistlocks, d-rings, heavy duty casters, container casters, container lifting dollies and more. See Site Map.

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