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Lift Beams


Tandemloc has many different types and capacities of lift beams used in below-the-hook lifting applications. Our lift beam options include adjustable beams, fixed beams, roll lifters, combo spreader beams, 2 crane lift beams and lift beams with hooks.  We carry products that can lift up to 300,000 lbs and can extend up to 40 feet in length. All of the below-the-hook lift beams that we carry are manufactured in the United States and are individually proof-tested to 125% capacity. We also custom engineer specialty lifting solutions for unique below-the-hook lifting applications.

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In Stock: Yes
In Stock: No
Max Extension Range: 0-10 ft
Max Extension Range: 11-20 ft
Max Extension Range: 21-30 ft
Min Extension Range: 0-10 ft
Min Extension Range: 21-30 ft
Type: Special Lift Beams
WLL Range: 0-10,000 LBS
WLL Range: 11,000-20,000 LBS
WLL Range: 71,000-80,000 LBS

Max Extension Range

Min Extension Range

WLL Range

AE06000A-1PA Lift Plate

Type: Special Lift Beams
WLL: 500 lbs
In Stock: No
Btm Spd Min: 19 inches
Btm Spd Max: 19 inches

AK19A00-00A-PA Lift Beam

Type: Special Lift Beams
WLL: 500 lbs
In Stock: No
Btm Spd Min: 52 inches
Btm Spd Max: 52 inches

AE08000A-1PA Lift Beam

Type: Special Lift Beams
WLL: 4,000 LBS
In Stock: No
Btm Spd Min: 34 inches
Btm Spd Max: 34 inches