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Container Lift Spreaders


Tandemloc container lift frames come in a variety of sizes and capacities. The lift spreaders can be modular or fixed, depending on the job. We carry frames that can be used with both forklifts and slings. You will also find accessories that can be added to help lift non-container cargo as well so you can tackle any lift! All of our products are individually proof tested so you can purchase with the confidence that your lift spreader.

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Top Rigging Included: Yes
Type: Load Leveling
Type: Forklift
Type: Accessories
WLL Range: 61,000-70,000 LBS

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Top Rigging Included

WLL Range

Q0800AA-2PA Forklift Container Spreader Frame

Type: Forklift
WLL: 67,200 LBS
In Stock: No
Top Rigging Included: Yes
Spreader Length: 40 ft