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Container Lift Lugs


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WLL Range: 21,000-30,000 LBS

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20901AA Series Lift Lug

WLL: 25,000 LBS
Description: Lift Lug Designed for Vertical Lifting from the Top Corner Fitting of ISO Containers
In Stock: Yes

AN21A00-00A-PA Heavy Duty Replacement Rotary Lift Lug

WLL: 29,000 LB. @ 10:1 TO ULTIMATE, 6:1 TO YIELD 58,000 LB. @ 5:1 TO ULTIMATE, 3:1 TO YIELD
Description: Tandemloc's Heavy Duty Replacement Rotary Lift Lug Designed to Connect Lift Slings to Side Apertures on ISO 668 Container Bottom Corner Fittings
In Stock: No